Information for USA Athletes

USA athletes in the following categories:

  • UCI Junior 17-18 Women + Men
  • UCI U23 Women + Men
  • UCI Elite Women + Men

UCI Technical Guide

Please follow the instructions included here:

All UCI category USA athletes must petition before April 7, 2024. They will be approved to race and will be sent a registration link + link to purchase national team clothing on a weekly cadence.

There are two modes of participation in the 2024 Pan American Continental Championships: 

  1. As part of USA Cycling’s 2024 Pan American Continental MTB Championship Team (“Team”)  
  2. Independent from the Team

Steps to register for the event:

  1. Petition with USA Cycling.
  2. Receive a private registration link and clothing purchase link from USA Cycling (within one week).
  3. Register yourself with the private registration link and purchase USA Cycling national team kit.
  4. Hear back from USA Cycling on April 20th or 21st about being selected to the supported team.
  5. Travel to the event, pick up USA Cycling national team kit onsite, and race.

All of this and more is summarized in a USA Cycling Pan American Champs Selection Guidance Document. Please distribute this document as much as possible.

Also, all pertinent documents can be found anytime on the USA Cycling website.

Please reach out with any questions: